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Match My Email Certified as Lightning Ready

Salesforce Lightning

The Salesforce AppExchange has certified Match My Email as Lightning Ready. After almost one year of intensive development, the most advanced Salesforce email integration app just got better.

Salesforce Lightning

Match My Email now works with Classic, Lightning and Salesforce1. In all three SFDC technologies, Match My Email will automatically organize email by deal, customer, case or any criteria that is important to your ORG.

Salespeople rely on email as their primary communication tool but few will spend the time needed to associate emails to deals in Salesforce.  Match My Email makes it easy by automatically importing, de-duping and prioritizing email regardless if it was sent from a mobile device or laptop.

Salesforce Lightning

Match My Email has almost three thousand customers because the app provides invaluable insights into what the sales team are doing, with no interaction on their part.  MME makes it easy to report deal status to management, measure sales throughput and efficiency, transition deals to new teams and solve deal road blocks more quickly.

We are confident that you will find no more useful tool for Salesforce than MME. Match My Email works on PC, Mac, Google, iOS, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, Google Apps, Godaddy, Rackspace and any mobile device.

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