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Match My Email Transforms Salesforce and Email into a Seamless Integrated App

What are the two most important sales tools? Email and Salesforce. When the two work together seamlessly, sales performance peaks. Forget about what you heard about email integration in the past. Today, right now, there is an app in the AppExchange that achieves full email integration with Salesforce.

Why is email integration with Salesforce so important?

Because emails are the most frequent form of customer interaction – more frequent than phone, face-to-face, social media etc. So when working on deal, it is mission critical that all email correspondence with the customer is captured in Salesforce. When all emails are in a customer record, the sales rep or team can know what is going on. And we all know that information is power or at least the avoidance of mistakes.


Match My Email Enables Organizations Get the Most Out of Their Salesforce and Email Investments

Match My Email makes sure that all emails are in a customer record whether it is a Lead, Contact or Account, because Match My Email is automated cloud technology. The app is always on working in background automatically matching emails to Salesforce records. After setup, the user does nothing more. The machines do all the work.

Once the emails are auto-logged in Salesforce, with Match My Email, users can REPLY to or FORWARD the emails directly from inside the Salesforce record. REPLY and FORWARD leverage super cool Salesforce email features like Email Templates and Organization-Wide Email address to create smooth workflows and drip email processes. REPLY and FORWARD in combination with LIST VIEWS and TEMPLATES can supercharge email response times and prevent customer accounts from being overlooked or ignored.

With Match My Email no custom record or record type is left behind. Match My Email can match emails to SFC records by email address, domain address, word or words in the Subject Line or tags embedded in the email body – or a combination thereof. With Match My Email’s customization tools, any workflow, custom record, field or filter or record configuration [roll up / roll down] in Salesforce can be integrated – and emails can be auto-logged to them all.

Match My Email is also cross platform in terms of email technology

It works with every email system on the market … and with every device, mobile phone, PC, MAC and browser. Match My Email works with Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, MacMail, iCloud, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Open-Xchange, Dreamhost, Lotus, Exchange plus many many more email systems at once.

Match My Email works with Salesforce Classic (all editions), Lightning and apps. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with SalesforceIQ yet because Salesforce IQ doesn’t have an open API.

Summary, to help organizations get the most out of their Salesforce and email investments, the app focuses on five key attributes of deep email integration for Salesforce:

  1. fully automated email integration versus manual email logging;
  2. platform independence so users can sync email from different computers and mobile devices at once;
  3. shared mailboxes in each Salesforce record with workflow tools like REPLY and FORWARD;
  4. 100% accurate email activity reports, dashboards and List Views in
  5. robust customization tools.

The best way to see how Match My Email can transform the way your organization uses Salesforce with automated email integration is to schedule a Live Demo of the app by using the scheduling tool at

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