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Managing Sales Rep Turnover with Automated Email Capture in Salesforce

Sales rep turnover is a fact of life. These days, sales professionals are in such high demand that they have ample opportunities to switch jobs. For management and sale operations, the challenge is to retain copies of the customer facing emails sent and received by former employees without having to pay ongoing email integration subscription fees.

Match My Email is architected to provide cost-free retention of the emails of former employees. Unlike other apps that store emails offline – like Ebsta and Einstein Capture – Match My Email uploads emails to Salesforce permanently and links them to the relevant Salesforce record or records indefinitely. If the Match My Email subscription of a former sales rep is cancelled, all previously synced emails remain in Salesforce for future reference or response free of charge. With Ebsta and Einstein Capture, a monthly subscription must be paid to retain linked to the emails of former employees in the off-Salesforce Ebsta or Einstein Capture clouds.

Match My Email offers other advantages – piggybacking and old email syncing

Piggybacking: The app can import and sync emails to Salesforce of non-Salesforce users, i.e., employees who don’t have a subscription to Salesforce. This is done by ‘piggybacking’ which is a unique Match My Email feature. A Match My Email subscriber can connection to a non-Salesforce user’s email account and import inbound and outbound emails and match them automatically to Salesforce. Match My Email has a few customers who sync emails associated with dozens of non-Salesforce subscribers. Match My Email charges extra for piggybacking at the monthly rate of $9.00 per mailbox.

Old email syncing: New Salesforce subscribers often want to upload and sync their pre-Salesforce emails to Salesforce and match them with Salesforce records. Match My Email has a special technique of capturing old emails that does not involve any additional cost and stays below daily Salesforce API call limits. The old email import feature can automatically sync 1,800 old emails per day.

Match My Email stores emails and their attachments permanently in Salesforce so the emails of former employees can be retained indefinitely

Match My Email has been solving Salesforce email integration issues for the past nine years and has a 5 star rating on the AppExchange. The app includes dozens of features that resolve Salesforce email capture pain points. The best way to see the power of the Match My Email syncing and logging app is to schedule a Live Demo.

Match My Email works seamlessly with Office 365, Exchange, Lotus, Zimbra, G Suite and any IMAP compatible email solution like GoDaddy and Rackspace – all at the same time. The app can import emails from multiple email domains at once.

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