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Is Salesforce INBOX Wasting Your Time And Money By Missing Emails?

Email integration has always been the #1 pain point for Salesforce users. Over the past 20 years, Salesforce has released one email connector after another that has disappointed users. Salesforce tends to overpromise on email syncing and under-deliver on email capture which creates widespread user dissatisfaction. Salesforce is a big picture company that doesn’t tend to sweat the details.

The shortcomings of Salesforce INBOX are well documented. The app doesn’t work with all email systems and mobile devices – like Mac, Android, IBM, IMAP, Office365, Gmail at once. In “bring your own device” IT environments, Salesforce INBOX can’t deliver 100% email capture so the email activity record in Salesforce is incomplete. An incomplete email log in Salesforce is not useful; it is almost as bad as having no emails in Salesforce at all. When email activity is incomplete, users can’t trust the data in Salesforce so they can’t trust the CRM and they stop using it.

Capture Every Email From Every Source Automatically

100% email capture from all device types and email systems is Match My Email’s promise. And Match My Email fulfills this promise because we sweat the details.

Match My Email works with every type of email system and device because it works at the cloud level taking advantage of Open Source software and Open Integration Standards. Match My Email will sync and log every inbound and outbound email from any mobile device, desktop or laptop – Apple, Google, Microsoft – and create a 100% complete record of email activity in Salesforce.

Other products may promise you more, but Match My Email delivers 100% of the time – 100% email capture in Salesforce – fully automatically in the cloud. Match My Email won’t waste your time jumping back and forth between Salesforce and Outlook/Gmail/Apple Mail looking for the last email from a customer. The entire email correspondence with the customer will be captured in Salesforce automatically – both your own emails and those of your teammates.

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