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Integrate GoDaddy Email with in the Cloud

Salesforce Email Integration App for GoDaddy

Small and medium-sized businesses all over the world are moving to the cloud because it is cheaper and less hassle.  Cloud computing transfers application management to outside specialists who can price services based on usage, not on capital invested.  Cloud computing companies also provide better customer service, because with a service if the customer is not happy, he or she will switch vendors.

Two of the most successful cloud technology companies are GoDaddy and  Both companies have millions of users who depend on their services everyday to do business and be successful.  GoDaddy offers domain registry, web site hosting, business email and  hosted Exchange using Outlook. offers customer relationship management or CRM.

godaddyMatch My Email offers the cloud integration technology that connects the two.  Our technology connects the email cloud – in this case provided by GoDaddy Business Email Unlimited – with the CRM cloud – provided by  Match My Email imports all new incoming and outgoing GoDaddy emails to its cloud, processes them for ‘email address field’ matches in records in and automatically uploads the ‘matched’ emails to all the relevant SDFC records – whether they are Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities or Cases.

The advantage of cloud integration – versus a manual software plug-in like Outlook for Salesforce – is that all the work of syncing and logging emails to from is done by the computers in the cloud – the end-user just has to setup the automated system.  Automated email sorting and uploading saves the end-user about 2 weeks of manual work per year.  In addition, Match My Email creates an email ‘system of record’ in that aggregates all the email communications between the sales team and the client team in one easy to follow multi-participant email thread in each SDFC record.  No more jumping back and forward between and your GoDaddy email account to figure out what is going on with a customer or account – even if you were not copied on the email.

If you are sales ops professional, Match My Email will furnish you with the email data that you need to create reports and dashboard to monitor email activity by sales rep or exception reports – for example Leads with no email activity in the Last 30 Days.

If you are a GoDaddy Unlimited email user who also uses, and you want to get more value out of your SFDC investment, contact Match My Email for a free 30-day trial.  Match My Email will demo the system for you, help you set it up and then assist you with any questions during the trial period – and after.

Match My Email costs $17.95 per user per month.  True, it is the most expensive offering on the AppExchange for email integration, but then again it offers the most value.

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