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Integrate Gmail with Fully Automated Salesforce for Outlook App

Salesforce for Outlook

Salesforce for Outlook

Gmail and its corporate version, Google Apps, are the leading email app for small and medium-sized businesses. With an estimated 37% market share, Gmail offers small organizations great technology at an affordable price. But for some of us, the Gmail web client in Chrome, just isn’t good enough, we want Microsoft Outlook.

For Salesforce users who prefer to use Outlook with Gmail, the only tool on the AppExchange that works with the Outlook on Gmail combination is Match My Email. No other app is open enough to accommodate and integrate the technology of two staunch technology rivals like Google and Microsoft. Other leading email integration tools for Salesforce like Cirrus Insight, Linkpoint360, iHance/Inside Sales, Riva, Yesware and Salesforce for Outlook don’t work with this Microsoft/Google combo.

Based on Open Standards and Open Source technology, Match My Email offers unparalleled cross platform email integration capabilities, especially for Salesforce for Outlook users. To date, Match My Email has integrated mailboxes on more than 40 different email servers and services with – such as GoDaddy, Rackspace, 1&1, Open-Xchange, Zimbra, Hostgator and, to name a few.

Open technology lets Match My Email offers other important features, especially automation and customization. The Match My Email cloud app is fully automated and always on. It does all the work of syncing and logging emails to Salesforce records for the end user in the cloud, automatically. Automation results in much higher sales rep productivity and ‘perfect’ email information in Better data in Salesforce, in turns, leads to faster user adoption, increased sales professional utilization and increased SFDC return on investment.

Match My Email offers the most advanced Salesforce email integration customization tools from any AppExchange vendor. Its custom scripting language makes adding emails to custom objects or to standard objects containing custom fields or filters easy. It can match emails to any record in Salesforce based on either email address matching or ‘precision tags’. The precision tag technique is very effective for project tracking. Using Salesforce templates, precision tags can be used to create ‘closed loop email tracking workflows’, which vastly improve email and Salesforce productivity.

Over time, Match My Email creates a repository of ‘perfect email information’ in Salesforce. This data can be used to create activity reports by user, by customer, by lead, by account, by opportunity, by custom record or by timeframe, using Match My Email’s Reports and Dashboards Package.

The bottom line is that Match My Email is an extremely powerful email integration app for Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange, it can increase user productivity, adoption and usage. It gives sales management the tools and data to better manage the sales process. Finally, it increases the value of the email information in Salesforce. The best way to see the power and scope of the Match My Email app is to schedule a Live Demo by emailing:

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