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Industries with the Most to Gain from Salesforce Email Integration

Cloud-based Salesforce email integration improves productivity across industry sectors. ‘Hands off’ email syncing and logging improves sales rep productivity and customer satisfaction. It eliminates mistakes by adding emails to Salesforce and organizing emails in Salesforce, automatically, generally making everyone happier and less stressed.

But the impact of email integration on user effectiveness and morale is stronger in certain industries. Especially businesses and not-for-profits who have heterogenous IT environments in which there is a mixture of different email service providers, computers and mobile devices. Cloud-based email integration apps like Match My Email can work with PC, Mac, Outlook, Gmail, MacMail, iPhone and Android, all at once. Match My Email also serves the ‘long tail’, i.e., hundreds of smaller email providers like GoDaddy, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Rackspace, 1&1, Yahoo!, Intermedia, Sherweb, to name a few of the 60+ email service providers that the app has connected to Salesforce, to date.

Match My Email appears to have a huge difference in the lives of sales reps and managers in a number of key businesses.

  • E-commerce web sites
  • Insurance brokers – property, life and health
  • Financial services
  • Schools and universities
  • Non-profits
  • Churches
  • Law firms
  • Logistics companies
  • Recruiters
  • Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures

Match My Email has spent some quality time trying to figure out why these industry group seem to be particularly interested in cloud-based Salesforce email integration. The common thread is that these industries need to match emails by both (1) person and (2) thing at once. [Salesforce calls this WHO and WHAT; they are such clever marketers.]

Most email integration apps can only match emails based on email address or identity. Match My Email can also match emails to Salesforce records by thing or project/WHAT using words and tags. For example, emails to candidates for an open job or school application can be automatically tagged with a unique identifier, generally the file extension number of a Salesforce record. The Match My Email syncing app finds to ‘TAG’ in the body of the email on the outbound and precision matches it to a job requisition or college admissions record. When the recipient responds to the email because the TAG is buried in the thread, the tag is picked up by the app on the inbound as well. The recruiter or admissions officer working the opening – for either a job or a school/college application – can see every email sent to a candidate in both the candidate’s identity record and the job placement or incoming cohort record. This ‘triangulation” of email data is very useful for organizing email communications by both person and project. Opportunity records in Salesforce are examples of ‘projects’. They have a start and finish and expected value or outcome. Match My Email can match emails to Opportunities by words in the subject line (like the Opportunity name field) or tags in the body [the user can define the structure of tag]. This kind of ‘subject line word matching’ is used by law firms to simultaneously organize emails by client and case. Tagging is also used by logistics and ecommerce companies to track emails by person and order number. That way all emails related to a transaction can be synced to Salesforce and organized automatically for easy retrieval.

Cloud-based email integration that is platform independent and enables the ‘triangulation of data’, i.e., matching emails to records by both person and thing (or identity and project or WHO and WHAT) at the same time is extremely useful.

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