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How Match My Email (MME) Improves Working From Home (WFH)

One of the experiences that many humans will share over the course of the pandemic is the switch to working from home, or the WFH experience. To us at MME, this is nothing new. Since the company’s inception, MME’s employees have been able to work remotely. Many have chosen their homes to become their offices as well. However great working from home may sound, the WHF experience comes with its share of inconveniences. Two drawbacks are the lack of accountability oversight and the communication barrier.

Don’t let WFH Become Working Fewer Hours

When physical attendance is mandatory, it’s easy to see who’s showing up and getting work done. With everybody working from home, sales managers who are accustomed to overseeing sales reps in an office space will no longer be able to do so. That means, from a managerial perspective, managers will have to come up with new ways to keep their sales reps accountable. They don’t want reps to think WFH stands for working fewer hours. MME, coupled with Salesforce’s reporting package allows managers to gather key data pertaining to their sales team’s email productivity. Using MME, sales managers can see which sales reps are leaving leads unanswered and prevent deals from slipping through the cracks. Heck, MME will make managing a WFH work force so easy, the office may be a thing of the past…

Working from home may not only inhibit sales managers from doing their jobs, but might also cause issues for sales reps. From the perspective of a sales rep, the WFH experience means they lose the benefit of proximity to their other sales team members. In many sales offices, proximity helps teams maintain direct internal communication and deal transparency. With MME capturing all of your team’s emails in Salesforce, sales reps can be confident that they know exactly where the conversation left off with a lead.

Managing a dispersed workforce may seem like a unforeseen challenge that you can ride out until the pandemic’s spread ends. But it doesn’t have to be! Take a page out of the MME team’s playbook and manage working from home in a sustainable way that benefits sales team’s workflow.

MME COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19, a name that will not be forgotten soon. People of all ages and all nationalities will have a story to tell about the year of the Corona Virus pandemic. For all of the harm that the outbreak will cause across the globe, MME looks for a silver lining. For one, events that affect populations create a collective memory for people affected to share in. What this means is that for a brief moment in time, groups of people experience something together and can relate to one another on common ground. Examples of this range from a high-five shared between strangers at a ballpark when the home team wins to the increase in patriotism in the U.S. during the Second World War. At MME, we believe that COVID-19’s challenges offer us an opportunity. An opportunity to overcome difficult times together and relate to one another, regardless of race or creed, about our common struggle.

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