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Get More Out of Salesforce

An investment in Salesforce comes with an essential promise. Sales people pitch their leads the promise of a technological makeover that can bring any company up to speed in the 21st century. In typical salesperson fashion, the promise that buyers will receive a powerhouse technology is not a lie, but it can be a bit misleading. As a database, Salesforce’s cloud technology mixed with an insane degree of customizability justifies the SaaS’s #1 rank in market share amongst competing CRMs. However, within their first year of switching over to the gargantuan CRM, new Salesforce users experience a litany of pain points that undermine the experience. For starters, the costs begin to amount quite quickly for companies seeking to tailor the CRM to their workflow. Salesforce consultants, onboarding specialist, and training employees in-house become necessary costs of doing business. So, when new users realize that the CRM’s native email integration apps, Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) and Salesforce Inbox, don’t perform in a compatible way with their custom workflow, users freak out.

Here’s where Match My Email (MME) steps in

It’s incomprehensible to many frustrated users that email integration does not work exactly how they’d like with EAC or Inbox. What am I paying all this money for, is a question that arises time and time again. It is widely accepted that email is the most important channel for B2B marketing, as well as a top channel for B2C marketing. So, for a company looking to overhaul their technology to keep up with leads, clients and accounts, Salesforce email integration isn’t a “nice to have”. It is a must. Below are just a couple features of MME that drive users to drop EAC and Inbox in favor of our app.


Unlike Salesforce’s email applications, MME offers automatic email integration to ALL record types in Salesforce. For a CRM that prides itself on molding to the workflow of its clients, Salesforce isn’t truly as flexible as it needs to be. An example would be MME matching to an insurance company’s “Policies” record, or a wealth management firm’s “Household” record.


MME emails that are captured in Salesforce reliably and permanently. EAC’s 6 month limit to storing emails doesn’t make sense for businesses that have sales cycles that extend longer. MME emails are permanent.


When employees look in a record, they should expect to see an accurate chain of emails related to that contact. MME assures accountable, accurate and automatic email capture. On top of this, the app dedupes.

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