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Based on Customer Behavior, Match My Email Adds Feature That Resolves Ambiguous Matches Automatically and Logs Email Into the Right Record

Match My Email was launched in January 2011 as a new email integration application for Building on 10 years of experience scanning emails for viruses and spam, Match My Email offers a cloud service that imports email, parses or processes them and then logs the email into the right record in Match My Email was designed to fix the #1 pain point facing users, i.e., the lack of good email syncing to Salesforce Leads, Opportunities and Contacts.

Originally, the product managers at Match My Email thought that users would be happy logging in periodically to the application and resolving Ambiguous email. Ambiguous emails are messages addressed to more than one Salesforce object or record.

“What we observed, however, was different. Once user login credentials were set up, users never opened Match My Email again. They were so comfortable and trusting that they just worked in and assumed all their email was being logged; even Match My Email’s own sales team was exhibiting this behavior. Unfortunately, that meant that Ambiguous emails were not getting resolved and synced and some emails were getting lost.”, observed Paul Sterne, President, RAE Internet Inc., dba as Mailspect and Match My Email.

To remedy this situation, Match My Email has released a new version of the application, Version 1.4.2, which automatically resolves Ambiguous emails after seven days. This new feature was developed using Mailspect’s proprietary Email Stream Management scripting language in less than one month. Now the system looks at Ambiguous emails and automatically assigns the email to the first name in the To: header, after seven days.

“We call this release, ‘I’m so lazy, it’s a form of intelligence.’ said Mr. Sterne.

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