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Extending Email Syncing to Custom Records by Custom Email Attributes

Match My Email is the leader in custom syncing and logging of emails to Salesforce. More than 50% of our customer base has implemented custom email integration to Salesforce.

The Match My Email app includes a scripting language that can be used to automatically syncing emails to

  • Custom records
  • Custom objects
  • Custom fields
  • And by Custom filters

Emails can be synced based on different ‘attributes’ or tagging systems

  • Full email address
  • Domain Name
  • Words or numbers in the Subject Line
  • Structured Body tags
  • Roll ups

Syncing by different email attributes or tagging conventions is used to automatically sync emails

  • By domain name to an Account record so that users don’t have to keep Contacts up-to-date and all emails are still synced to the Account record
  • By Case Number in Subject Line to a Case record so that emails are precision matched to the right Case as email correspondence goes back and forth with customer care. The Case number can be automatically inserted into the subject line of an initial response using the SFDC mail module and a mail merge template.
  • By Street Address in the Subject Line to an Opportunity or Listing record so the emails related a property can be precision matched to a real estate transaction record. Most real estate brokers use Salesforce Essentials or Salesforce Professional together with Match My Email to automated their sales process and consolidated emails from prospects, agents, inspectors, underwriters, insurance agents etc into a single transaction record automatically.
  • By Structured Tag in the Email Body to any record type. One customer is using structured tag matching to link emails related to sales invoices to Accounts. Often accounts receivable professionals at their client companies are not in Salesforce as Contacts but they still want emails about invoices automatically matched to the Account record.

If your organization would benefit from custom email integration to custom record types or by custom matching algorithms like Domain name, Words or Numbers in Subject Line or Structured Tags in an email body, please schedule a Live Demo of Match My Email.

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