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Salesforce Email Integration Case Study: EveryScape Uses Match My Email to Log Emails Automatically


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About EveryScape

EveryScape is a leading edge technology company located in Newton, Massachusetts. The company is revolutionizing local search by powering visually immersive ads. EveryScape rapidly growing customer base uses its software tools, Software-as-a-Service offerings and apps to create and ‘serve’ three-dimensional, photo-realistic virtual spaces from 2-D panoramic photographs. These virtual spaces are embedded on web sites like Starwood Hotels and search engines like Bing and so that consumers can enter and explore 3-D virtual locations using only a browser or on a smartphone.

EveryScape’s products and SaaS offerings include (1) Reality Editor, a sophisticated 3D creation tool that extracts 3D models from panoramic photographs. Not only can 3D replicas of rooms be created but also eye-popping 3D transitions that allow a user to visually “walk” from one panorama to another. The technology can be used to build online models of streets, businesses, places of interest and even entire cities; (2) ScapeStudio is EveryScape’s SaaS platform used for the creation of immersive advertising. ScapeStudio powers every phase of ad creation from the stitching of panoramas to connecting multiple panoramas together for a “walk-through”, creating full guided tours of a property. To date, ScapeStudio has processed over one million panoramic images; (3) UScape.IT is an iOS app that lets consumer share their life in 3D. Using the iPhone’s video camera, UScape.IT lets the consumer capture Scapes, collections of 360 degree panoramas of a specific place or experience, and then share them with friends. Facebook integration allows the user to post the full 360 scene right on a ‘wall’. Soon available on Android; (4) The ScapeFolio iPad App is a sales and marketing tool for business owners, hoteliers, and meeting planners who wants to use the EveryScape technology offline on an iPad; and (5) EveryScape EATS! is EveryScape’s first iPhone app. EATS! Is a “Visual Dining Guide” that features thousands of panoramic interiors of restaurants in major cities like Boston and San Francisco. Check it out – it is very cool.

Salesforce Email Integration, Everyscape Tech Tools

Problem Definition

One of the key value propositions of is its flexibility to accommodate custom workflows tailored to a company’s unique sales process. Salesforce provides tools that enable users to create custom record types, technically called custom objects. provides a free Outlook plug-in called Salesforce for Outlook that lets users manually log emails into standard records like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. But the Salesforce for Outlook tool does not work with custom records. It is a manual tool that cannot automate the syncing and logging of emails to standard or custom Salesforce records.

EveryScape has customized its Salesforce implementation to model its unique sales process. EveryScape added two new two custom objects – Projects and Ambassadors – into its Salesforce workflow, in addition to Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. EveryScape wanted to integrate emails automatically into these custom objects to improve the quality and continuity of the customer interaction data in Salesforce and increase internal adoption, usage, and productivity.

Match My Email has become a key element in our ability to track communications, so that we can provide our customers with a frictionless sales and fulfillment experience.
Jewoo Yu, Salesforce Project Manager at EveryScape, Inc.


Everyscape found Match My Email on the AppExchange. Match My Email offered two advantages over other options: (1) Match My Email is fully automated so emails are synced and logged automatically 24/7/365 to Salesforce; and (2) Match My Email offered customization tools that could integrate emails seamlessly with custom objects like their Project and Ambassador record types. Match My Email offers the additional advantage that it could match emails to records in Salesforce based on both (1) email addresses; and/or (2) tags.

Everyscape hired the Match My Email development team to customization their Salesforce email integration process. The engineers used Match My Email’s proprietary scripting language and custom APEX code to do the job.

The specification was for Match My Email to scan the body and subject line of incoming and outgoing emails for ‘precision tags’. If a ‘tag’ was found, then the system has instructed to upload the email to the record in Salesforce containing the exact same tag as a custom Detail Field. The custom Detail Fields were automatically created in new records using pre-set ‘formula fields’.

Since the ‘Project’ and ‘Ambassador’ custom objects could contain up to six tags, the system had to be able to ‘multimatch’ up to six tags per email to different records. EveryScape has also added extra email address fields to the standard Case record, so the system had to also match to Cases based on the extra email fields.

If the Match My Email could not find a ‘tag’ in an email, then the app was instructed to match emails to the custom objects based on an ‘email address field’ in the Detail section.

For standard Salesforce records like Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities, Match My Email automatically filtered and uploaded the emails to Salesforce based on email address matching.

Match My Email has significantly increased sales professional productivity at Everyscape because the email data in Salesforce is more comprehensive, more accurate and always up-to-date. Salesforce professionals can now see email information in Salesforce that they can’t find in any other app which has increase the utility and ease-to-use of Salesforce.

About Match My Email

Match My Email works on a twenty minute cycle syncing and matching emails to Salesforce records in background. The app is always on, because it operates in the cloud connecting the email cloud to the Salesforce cloud. The app doesn’t care if a device is on or off, it talks directly to the email server. 24/7/365, the app imports copies of emails and then parses the email addresses in their headers and tags in the body and subject line. These email addresses and tags are compared to email address fields and tags in Salesforce records. When a match is found – hence the name Match My Email – a copy of the email and its attachment(s) are uploaded to Salesforce. This simple, automated system saves the average user at least 3 hours of manual work per month.

In addition, the automated system creates a ‘perfect’ email record in Salesforce. Every email message is captured and matched to associated Salesforce records. With Match My Email, Salesforce users can be sure that they are seeing all the email correspondence between the customer base and the extended sales team. With time, the email record in Salesforce becomes more and more valuable because it is 100% complete and up-to-date; this, in turn, increases Salesforce usage and adoption.

Match My Email is highly customizable and features a scripting language written specifically for email integration to With the scripting language, emails can be matched based on email addresses or tags or a combination of the two and matched to standard or custom objects and fields.

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