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Ensuring a Client’s Custom Salesforce Email Integration Needs were Met

Many companies turn to Salesforce for the CRM’s unique ability to be customized to a business’ particular workflow. As a company catering to enterprise customers in a broad range of industries, Salesforce needs to be mendable. In this way, it is surprising that their native email capture capabilities are not as customizable as the rest of their platform. Match My Email steps in to fill the custom Salesforce email integration gap.

The Situation

In a recent deal for Match My Email, the company was asked whether or not it would be able to add numerous features to satisfy a company’s specific workflow. In this deal, the client needed to store ALL of their emails in Salesforce, regardless of whether they were related to records or not. Normally, Match My Email only stores “No Match” emails for 45 days, constantly reprocessing emails within this time span to see if they relate to existing or new records.

In this case, the company intended to use Salesforce as a data collection platform that would allow the company to easily check compliance boxes, run reports on email meta data, and backup existing email data. In essence, a data lake and data warehouse in one. With experience in working through custom projects, Match My Email’s development team took on the project.

The Solution

To get this client outfitted and up and running with the tools they requested, the Match My Email development team began by installing the most current package. Next they created a custom object called “Email Category”, with custom fields and added our standard Email Messages object to the company’s Lightning Record Pages for this object. The next step involved creating an “Unmatched Emails” Email Category record. Lastly, the team created custom rules to match the new “Unmatched Emails” record. The final product was just what the company needed to fulfill their business needs in Salesforce.

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