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Match My Email Releases Email and User Activity Dashboards & Reports

Match My Match Cold Leads

A key benefit of fully automated email integration is the “perfect” email data that it stores in Match My Email is the leading edge email integration app for It has released an upgrade that enables users to easily convert email data into useful information in Salesforce. The resulting Reports and Dashboards can be used to monitor user and customer email activity.

Match My Match Cold LeadsFor example, records that have not received an email communication in a specific time period – Cold Leads — can be flagged so that sales professionals can take corrective action. User email activity can be tracked by direction – sender or recipient – both separately and together with other types of multichannel communications like calls and meetings.

Match My Email Email Activity

Match My Email Orphaned Accounts

Match My Email is constantly updating and improving its automated email integration platform for Salesforce. Based on customer requests, Match My Email development has created some new email activity reports and dashboards: (A) User Email Activity by Direction and Time Range, (B) User Multichannel Communications Activity by Time Period {Emails, Calls and Meetings}, (C) a Cold Records dashboard showing records that have not sent an email in the last time period {the report works with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, Opportunities and/or Cases} and (D) Orphaned Records by Time Period – customers in Salesforce that have not received an email from the sales organization since a certain date.

Match My Email Total ActivityEmail and customer email activity reports can be used for email response management purposes or to improve the feedback loops in sales operations.

Looking at the big picture, some tech gurus have called emails useless clutter and messy data. On the contrary, Match My Email views emails as Big Data that can be transformed into actionable information like the Reports and Dashboards provided in the current upgrade. According to Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger writing in last year’s edition of Foreign Affairs on “The Rise of Big Data”, the most important mega-trend in computer technology is that “Large amounts of messy data trumps small amounts of clean data”. If you want clean email data in use a manual tool like Outlook for Salesforce, Gmail for Salesforce, Cirrus Insight or Linkpoint 360. If you want messy Big Data in use a fully automated solution like Match My Email. Only Match My Email can create the Big Data repository of email information in that can be used to create dashboards and reports that support sales operations and help you manage the sales process better.

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