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Email Integration for Salesforce’s Financial Service Cloud

Email integration tools offered directly by Salesforce or through the AppExchange don’t work with Financial Services Cloud. Financial Services Cloud (“FSC”) has a different record structure than Sales Cloud. With FSC, Contacts roll up to Households, not Accounts. Mainstream email syncing tools don’t match emails to the FSC Households record.

Match My Email is an exception. Match My Email can be customized to associate emails automatically to any record in Salesforce. Match My Email provides customized email syncing to Households in Financial Services Cloud for free with a standard subscription.

Match My Email offers lots of other useful features

Enhanced Privacy Settings

Match My Email has more granular privacy settings than other Salesforce email syncing tools. With Match My Email, a sales manager can see his or her emails in a Salesforce record (of any type) as well as the emails of the sales rep working for him or her, but the reps working for him or her are blocked from seeing the manager’s emails.


Match My Email can match to any combination of Salesforce records either directly or by a roll-up. This degree of customization is made possible by a proprietary scripting language.

Matching by More Than Just Full Email Address

Match My Email can sync emails in Salesforce by

  • Full Email Address
  • Domain Name
  • Words or Numbers in the Subject Line
  • Body Tags

Matching emails by words or tags is useful for project-related record types like Opportunities, Cases, Campaigns, Matters, Policies or Tracking Number.

Team Dedupe

If an email is addressed to more than one member of the sales team, Match My Email will only upload one copy of the email to Salesforce based on a feature called Team Dedupe. Team Dedupe eliminates duplicate copies of emails from being upload to Salesforce. Even though the email is compressed to a single copy, emails still follow the sharing settings in Salesforce.

Activity Tracking

Match My Email creates metadata related to each synced email. This metadata keeps track of time, date, direction, first and last emails, response intervals and emails totals. This metadata can be used in conjoined reports and List Views in Salesforce to tracks user activity or Cold / Hot Leads or Opportunities. The Match My Email Reports Package is free with any subscription.

Attachment Filtering

Match My Email can filter out unwanted attachments by user or size. If certain users don’t want their attachments in Salesforce but they want their emails to be logged in Salesforce that setting can be configured by an admin. Match My Email also filters out inline images like signature logos and social media icons to eliminate attachment clutter in Salesforce.

Safe Words

If a user needs to send a confidential email from time to time to a customer and wants to be 200% sure that that email will never show up in Salesforce — no matter who sends or receives it or forwards the emails – the user can add a ‘safe word’ to the email body and the email will be blocked from entering the Match My Email cloud.

Secondary Email Addresses

Match My Email can sync emails to multiple email addresses in any record type by simply specifying the record name and extra email address name in Settings. Multiple email identities can also be added for users who have different email accounts and aliases and the app will keep track of all that detail and generate data that can be used to track activity based on all of a user’s email identities.

Match My Email is a safe investment. The company has been providing email integration for Salesforce for nine years. Its development team has a deep understanding of Salesforce and email and is constantly adding new customer-driven features to the app. Match My Email can be trusted to sync your email data and to have your back if there is ever a problem. Its support team is given the highest ratings on the AppExchange.

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