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Apple Email Integration For

Match My Email provides missing email integration for Apple computers and (No Software) in the cloud.
Tarrytown, New York, March 7, 2011.  Synchronizing email between an Apple computer and is now possible.  Previously, there were no plug-ins for Microsoft Entourage and that could integrate and log email.  Plug-ins from Salesforce and other vendors for Microsoft Outlook did not work with Apple Mac computers.
Match My Email is a new cloud application developed by RAE Internet Inc..  It offers Apple users who work with Entourage or any other IMAP server to synchronize email and log it into the right file type — be it a Lead, Contact, Opportunity or Case.  Match My Email does the matching by importing a user’s Inbox folders to servers in the Amazon Web Services cloud.
Then the email stream is parsed or analyzed for email address and key words using advanced web services technology.
Then the matched email is put into the right file in the Activity History section. 
Over-sized emails and attachments are logged into the Attachments and Notes section.  
Match My Email is embedded into using a web tab.  Every 20 minutes this cloud application imports from the mail server, processes the new mail as well as old ‘No Match’ mail looking for matches in database structure.  When a ‘Match’ is identified the email is automatically uploaded as a permanent record in  Match My Email is integrated with Chatter and offers easy-to-use RSS feeds for reporting and alerts.
Match My Email is ‘No Software’,  There is no software to install, all a user needs is a username and password.
Sales executives get access to all the emails in a ‘Group’ or ‘Team’.  They can watch, open and sort the entire email stream from within 
This revolutionary technology was launched just six weeks ago and already customers from the United States, Australia and Spain are benefiting from its productivity.  Match My Email estimates that the cloud application saves the average user $938 per year in labor savings.  Sales executives are experiencing near reat-time control of the sales process.
About RAE Internet
RAE Internet, Inc. is headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y. with operations in Romania and the Ukraine. RAE Internet is the developer of Email Stream Management, the proprietary technology underlying its Linux-based Mailspect Platform and Match My Email integration application. RAE Internet offers three products: Mailspect Defense that protects Linux and VMware mail servers from viruses, spam, malware and Internet attacks; Mailspect Archive that archives any IMAP e-mail stream in compliance with regulations; and Match My Email that integrates email and its attachments with core business applications like
Contact Info: Paul Sterne, president , sterne ( a )

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