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Effectively Track Email in Salesforce

Sales managers are more effective if they can see customer email traffic and sales rep responses in real time. Match My Email provides a centralized control panel that shows the email traffic of all the members of a sales and/or support team. Sales managers can see all inbound emails from customers and all outbound replies by sales professionals within their Match My Email account. Visibility to all emails is a great productivity tool.

Sales manager no longer need to ask sales reps who they are emailing and what is being said; the email stream is clearly shown on the Match My Email screen. From the Match My Email screen, a Sales Manager can navigate to a related Salesforce record with a single click and read the email in the context of old emails and open / closed Activities. The bottom line is that the Sales Manager has a much better view of what is going at any particular moment without having to ask anyone.

Once email transparency has been achieved with Match My Email, then Sales Managers can focus on email quality and response times. Match My Email works seamlessly with Salesforce email templates and offers a unique REPLY and FORWARD feature. Sales Manager can use Salesforce mail merge to ensure than HTML signatures include full branding, social media channels and call to action buttons. Email templates can be used to control the exact textual content of routine email responses. All Salesforce email templates can be edited by the sales rep for personalization or to deal with exceptions.

Match My Email has another advantage. It creates a perfect record of all customer email correspondence in Salesforce. The email record is perfect because the app is cloud-based, machine to machine so it is always on and there are no human errors or omissions. The computers in the cloud capture every inbound and outbound email and associates them to the right Salesforce record or records. Match My Email is a ‘multiple email address and Salesforce object’ matcher so its associates emails with multiple relevant Contacts at once, not just one Contact like Lightning for Outlook.

Match My Email is a cross platform app. It works with just about every email system on the market. To date, Match My Email has integrated 60+ email providers or on-premise email solutions with Salesforce. If you have a non-standard email solution or use Apple technology – whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacMail, Gmail on Mac or Outlook for Mac, Match My Email will solve your email syncing needs.

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