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Email Integration for The Solution for the Rest of Us

If you use a business email system other than Microsoft Outlook / Exchange or Gmail / Google Apps, what are your options for email integration for  If you use Yahoo!, Rackspace, GoDaddy, 1&1, Smarsh, Network Solutions, Strato, Fasthosts or any of the other 1,000+ plus hosted business email providers, where do you go to get good email syncing and logging for

Email Integration for Salesforce, Match My EmailThe answer is Match My Email.  Match My Email is built on Open Source and Open Standards that work with virtually every business email server or service on the market.  Leveraging the IMAP standard – just like Apple iPhone – Match My Email works with any IMAP compatible email service.  The system uses the ‘fetch folder’ IMAP command to import email to its cloud where the email is processed and matched to records in  When the system finds a match between an email address field in a Salesforce record and an email address in an email, it automatically uploads the email permanently to as a copy.

Accordingly to The Radicati Group Inc., there are 974 million business email accounts worldwide that send and receive 108 billion emails per day.   Regardless of what Marc Benioff , CEO of Salesforce, says business email volumes will continue to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future.  Thereafter it is important to get business emails into Salesforce as effortlessly as possible because they still represent the most important form of business communications.

The business email market is dominated by two companies:  Microsoft and Google.  It is estimated that Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 has close to 55% market share, while Google Apps holds 20%.  The remaining 25% is divvied up between IBM Lotus and thousands of smaller email service providers.  The smaller email service providers generally source their email platforms from the leading Open Source vendors, Open-Xchange and EMC Zimbra.

Most business email services like GoDaddy, Yahoo! , Sherweb, Hostgator,, Earthlink, AOL,,, Bluehost, Media Temple,  offer IMAP business email services.  Match My Email taps into the IMAP port and imports emails every twenty minutes to its cloud.  There the email is processed and categorized into MATCH and NO MATCH states.  MATCHed emails are uploaded to  NO MATCH emails are stored in the Match MY Email cloud and reprocessed every twenty minutes looking for new matches.

Match My Email works with Outlook and Gmail as well.  But its special niche is for those business email users who don’t use Outlook or Gmail.  With Match My Email, non- Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps users get the benefit of excellent email integration to

Match My Email provides email integration to Salesforce for these business email providers:  1&1,  MailXchange, AOL, Apple Mail, Aruba.IT, Axigen, Blackknight Solutions,, CommunigatePRO, Dotster, Entourage, Exchange for PC, Exchange for Apple,, Gmail,, GoDaddy Workspace, Google Apps, Groupwise, HostEurope, Intermedia, Irish Domains, IXWebHosting, Ipowerweb, Juno, Hostgator, Hostmonster, Hotmail, Lotus, lunarpages,, MacMail,, Mailenable, all Microsoft Exchange servers for services, MSN, nsMail™ from Network Solutions, Office 365, Open-Xchange, Outlook, Outlook on Apple OSX or iOS, Ovaleye, OVH, PacHosting, Rackspace Email, ReadySpace, Sherweb Hosted Exchange with Outlook and Entourage, Smarsh, Strato, Triple Cloud, Webfusion, Yahoo!, Zarafa, and Zimbra, among others.

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