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Customer Engagement Hubs are the New Normal in Salesforce

The importance of online data and online interactions is going to increase. In the new post-COVID world, management is going to need new tools that capture and aggregate online data and show how remote employees are performing relative to key performance indicators. Customer Engagement Hubs are going to give management the ability to see customer interactions in real time and measure user activity against key performance measures. By consolidating client interactions across all communications channels, either through email, voice over IP, SMS, social media and meetings, Customer Engagement Hubs will allow all business segments to easily engage the customer.

The Definitive Customer Engagement Hub for your Salesforce Experience

Match My Email is building its Salesforce email integration app with the goal of bolting a Customer Engagement Hub onto Salesforce as well as other CRM and project management solutions. Email is still the dominant mode of business communications. Match My Email is working toward a world in which a sales professional or his or her manager can gain access to the email stream of the entire sales and service team. One can see at a glance which customers are engaged, which customers have checked out, which customers need follow up and which engagements are on life support.

Match My Email promises an effortless, convenient, productive Salesforce email integration experience

Match My Email has put the first piece of the Customer Engagement Hub in place. MME can capture, display and analyze the email stream and put it effortlessly into Salesforce records. The app is fully cloud based so it can be installed, provisioned and customized by Salesforce Admins from a central control panel. The app comes with a custom scripting language that can be used to sync emails based on different attributes or tags. MME combines a reports package that includes pre-configured records and dashboards that can track key performance indicators like email volume, frequency, follow up and response times.

Our Customers Love Us

There is a reason why we rate a 4.9 (out of 5) on the Salesforce AppExchange. Our app does exactly what it says it does, intelligent and automated email integration for Salesforce. The MME support team is one of the best in the industry with decades of Salesforce experience. See what you are missing, with a free 30 day trial or a live demo where you can get all your questions answered.

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