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Creating the Modern Law Office Using Salesforce and Match My Email

The key to a profitable and successful law office – regardless of size – is efficiency and organized data. Technology now exists that can be used to track email correspondence between legal professionals, clients and outside experts. The same cloud technology can be used to organize information in Matter files automatically, so all Matter-related email correspondence can be consolidated. Legal professionals can focus on practicing the law, not organizing files of printed documents in huge file cabinets.

The key technology in a modern law office is It can replace paper-based customer relationship management. Client contact information, email correspondence and documents can be stored in the Salesforce cloud. Cloud technology eliminates the need for expensive internal IT resources to manage computers, digital data storage, backup, data security and recovery. The SaaS provider takes responsibility for organizing, updating and storing information for end users.

Salesforce provides an easy-to-use platform that can be customized to model the unique work habits of a particular law firm. Its robust data organization, work flow and reporting tools can streamline any work environment. Client information can be shared across the organization to promote collaboration, while privacy settings can be implement to protect sensitive data.

In combination with a Salesforce email integration app like Match My Email, the platform can be supercharged to the next level of performance. Match My Email can sync all email correspondence in the cloud. It works with every email system and device. It is a hands-off data handler that automatically puts emails into the right Salesforce record or records. Automating the filing of all email correspondence greatly improves office productivity and reduces the stress caused by missing or lost data.

Match My Email associates emails to Salesforce records based on an array of matching strategies. Emails can be sync by email address. Email address matching works best with Contacts. Syncing by email domain (the part of the email address after the @ symbol) works best at the Account level in Salesforce because no email related to an Account is ever missed. Only Match My Email offers domain matching to Accounts. At the Matters level, body tag matching is very effective. Including a unique “tag” in the body of every outbound email (usually under the signature block) causes every email related to a Matter to be precision matched to that Matter even if the recipient (or sender if the recipient replies) is NOT a Contact in Salesforce. This means that emails from expert witnesses, opposing lawyers, judges, court admins etc can be automatically collect in the Matters record for easy reference. Match My Email builds an institutional record of email correspondence related to a Matter in Salesforce.

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