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Connecting the Clouds: GoDaddy Workspace Email, Match My Email,

More and more business of all sizes are discovering the benefits of cloud computing — ease-of-use, lower cost and pay-as-you go. Email is being provided by Software-As-A-Service providers like GoDaddy, Rackspace, Network Solutions, and 1&1. Cloud-based customer relationship management solutions such as are experiencing rapid adoption. Now the new challenge is linking the data in one cloud to the information in another. Match My Email is one of the first cloud integration services to do just that.

Match My Email imports email and its attachments from an email cloud like GoDaddy, Rackspace or Gmail and inserts the email with attachments into exactly the right place within the database. Based on open standards, Match My Email can sync email from five different email clouds at once to every relevant object: Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Person Accounts, Accounts and Cases. Using proprietary MultiMatch technology, Match My Email logs the emails to ALL Salesforce objects that contain a matching email address.

For email syncing and logging between clouds to make sense, the service needs to be fully automatic, not manual or semi-manual. Match My Email was designed from the ground up to be fully automatic, always on and ‘set up and forget’. A fully automatic email syncing service saves the end-user approximately 25,000 mouse clicks per year and 100 hours of manual drudgery.

The best way to experience the power of Match My Email and see how it works with GoDaddy Workspace email, is to contact Simone at info ( a ) and request a live demo or 30-day free trial.

Match My Email has been signing up GoDaddy Workspace Email users at an increasingly rapid pace — a testament to GoDaddy’s momentum in cloud computing.

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