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Continuous Improvement: Email Integration with

Another benefit of the cloud is that it compresses the development cycle. Improvements can be added quickly and continuously. Updates and upgrades are in background and do not inconvenience the end-user or require any work.

Last Friday, Match My Email released Version 2.2.5. This release addressed a few customer requests. Requests that had been made in only the past two weeks.

For Standard, our ‘No Custom Object’, fully automatic syncing service that sets up in under three minutes, we simplified the matching algorithm. Now, Standard first looks for matching Leads, then Contacts and then Cases. Contacts and Opportunities roll up automatically to Accounts.

We also implemented setting the Name field for Activity History when matching to Opportunities. This allows Match My Email to show the matched email in both the Contact that matched to the Opportunity and the Opportunity itself, making the email log more comprehensive, but still not 100% complete like in our ‘game changing’ MultiMatch version.

We also set field Type for Task to ‘Email’ within Activity History.  This makes it really easy to generate reports including emails in Standard.

Email parsers were added that can deal with very complex character sets so that foreign languages can be displayed flawlessly inside

The Ignore function was simplified and made more intuitive. Ignores are now email address centric which is how we all think about blocking incoming emails.


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