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Capture Every Inbound and Outbound Email and now Voicemail Transcripts in Salesforce Automatically

The key to sales team productivity is capturing customer engagement data in Salesforce seamlessly, effortlessly and efficiently. Manual data entry of customer emails is impractical. Users don’t like to do data entry and it is a huge time sink, estimated at up to 5 hours per month. Overtime manual email capture tools like Salesforce INBOX fall into disuse because sales professionals get tired of clicking them. This neglect results in missing emails in Salesforce which undermines the value of the email information in the CRM. The net result is lowered Salesforce usage and substandard return on investment. The only realistic way to get customer emails into Salesforce is with an automated email integration app like Match My Email.

Traditional email syncing tools can’t match voicemail transcript emails to Salesforce records, because they can only sync emails by email address. Match My Email can read the phone number related to a voicemail transcript in the follow-up email and match it to the correct Salesforce record automatically.

Seamless Effortless Email Capture for Salesforce

71% of all business correspondence is done by email. The average sales professional leaves 15 voicemails per day. Together emails and voicemail transcripts make up 80% of total sales rep activity. Capturing this customer engagement automatically in the cloud with no user effort is key to productivity. Times studies show that automated email syncing can save the average user 22 hours of time per month. Match My Email has invested nine years of research and development pushing automated email integration to its logical and technical limit. Every aspect of Match My Email has been designed to automate the capture of emails from every source and every device and file them in the correct Salesforce record or records automatically.

That means that inbound and outbound emails from a user’s smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet are all captured in Salesforce, regardless of brand or device. Match My Email works with PCs, Macs and mobile phones.

Match My Email also includes manual syncing tools so users can control and manipulate email data in Salesforce.

Since Match My Email is pure cloud technology, it is always on working in background

Email syncing plug-ins, on the other hand, only work when users are connected to the Internet and working in an email client or screen. That means if an employee is on vacation, on sick leave, traveling, at a conference, in a meeting or at lunch, the traditional plug-ins don’t work. Only a cloud app like Match My Email can be relied upon to keep emails up-to-date in Salesforce in real time without missing a single email or voicemail transcript.

Match My Email goes beyond email address matching

The app can sync emails to Accounts by domain name or Opportunities by opportunity name. Cases can be synced by number or description or both. Match My Email includes a custom scripting language that can be used to customize matching algorithm embedded in Salesforce. Custom scripting is done by Match My Email professionals as part of the normal subscription price.

To learn more about how Match My Email can increase your Salesforce ease of use and return on investment, schedule a Live Demo by using the calendar tool at Match My Email has been featured on the Salesforce AppExchange since 2011 and incorporates 9 years of focused customer-driven development.

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