What Is the Process For Logging In and Out Emails In Salesforce.com?

Salesforce.com doesn’t make it easy to log emails as they are sent out of Salesforce.com and replied to by clients, customers, leads and contacts. Logging in and out email in Salesforce.com requires constant work and repetitive “mouse-clicks” if you use the “free tools” provided by Salesforce.com. Plus email logging only works if you are logged into your Inbox, so mobile users who rely on their smartphone and tablets are in the dark.

Match My Email solves the logging in and out email to Salesforce.com issue. Match My Email does it fully automatically, 24/7/365 and with no user intervention or action required. Basically, Match My Email scans your email box every few minutes in the cloud looking for emails that you have sent out of Salesforce.com either from Activity History or HTML Report Status. It captures these emails and their attachments and returns them to the right object or file in Salesforce.com. [Salesforce.com calls files or records like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Person Accounts and Cases objects.] When a Lead or Contact replies to you, Match My Email sees the incoming email in your Inbox and automatically uploads it to the right object in Salesforce.com. Emails are logged into Salesforce.com based on matching the email addresses in the email’s TO:, FROM:, CC: and BCC: lines with the corresponding email address fields in objects in Salesforce.com. Match My Email calls this multiple address and object matching MultiMatch.

Check out Match My Email on the Salesforce.com AppExchange. Or request a live demo. Try Match My Email for free for 30-days.

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