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Automated Email Integration Levels the Playing Field for Small Business

Small businesses have had a really tough year. First the coronavirus shutdown and then curfews and police lockdowns. Couple that with a brutal twenty-four-hour news cycle and it was hard for customers, vendors and employees to focus, let alone do business.

In such an environment, small businesses need the best productivity tools and most efficient workflows to have a chance of competing with their larger competitors. Large retailers like Walmart and Target didn’t have to shut down; they were open because they were designated as “essential businesses”, while small shops were forced to close. Big banks like JP Morgan Chase were also deemed “essential” and their employees were allowed to go into the office, while financial services professionals at smaller firm were forced to work from home. It makes one wonder who designed the COVID-19 response – scientists or monopolists.

Even in normal times, small businesses need every advantage that they can get to compete and prosper. Capturing client emails and adding them to customer records automatically can greatly improve the efficiency of any small business. It is estimated that automated email capture and sync in Salesforce can save a user up to 4 hours of manual labor per month.

Match My Email is a cloud-based email integration app for Salesforce that connects Outlook, Gmail and IMAP to Salesforce

Match My Email is fully automated. Working on a twenty-minute cycle, completely in background, it syncs email from more than 65 different emails systems like Microsoft 365, G Suite, Rackspace, Zimbra, GoDaddy, Yahoo and 1&1 and puts them in the right Salesforce records. The app is hands-off. Users don’t need to do anything to match their emails to Salesforce files and upload them for future reference or use.

MME creates email data in Salesforce can be mined for “value” and used to monitor Key Performance Indicators like email response times or unanswered emails. Email data can be used to trigger actions like sending a follow up email or getting on the phone with a customer. Manager value the access that MME gives them to the email stream. They can see the flow of emails going back and forth with customers on a single screen from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Salesforce admins love Match My Email because they can manage email integration from a centralized Control Panel

Admins can add and delete users, customize matching algorithms and configure permission sets all from a well-organized Control Panel. Users never have to install or update anything; it can all be done remotely by the Admin.

Last but not least, Match My Email includes a customization layer that is included in the base subscription

Match My Email’s support staff provides free custom scripting services via online meeting. All an Admin needs to do is describe how they want the matching algorithm to work within their workflow and Match My Email will generate the code. The Admin only needs to cut and paste the script into the customization dialog box and test.

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