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A Better Way to Capture and Manage Email Engagement in Salesforce

If you want to increase sales productivity, give your sales team better customer information in Salesforce. Implement a tool that automatically collects every inbound and outbound email and puts into them into the right Salesforce record for easy reference, retrieval and reply. Create a ‘system of record’ that captures every email so that sales reps and managers can see the email thread and use that data to make decisions and take action. Seamless email integration to Salesforce can increase productivity up to 25% depending on the workflow it replaces.

How does seamless email capture increase productivity?

First, it eliminates data entry. Sales reps don’t have to log emails to Salesforce. Sales reps hate data entry so they end up not doing it which results an email log in Salesforce that is incomplete and useless.

Second, it promotes sharing. Managers and sales reps can see each other’s emails in shared records. Sharing saves time. Sales team members don’t have to wait to ask a colleague if they have emailed a customer; they can see the email in real time in Salesforce. Managers don’t need to be cc: on emails; they can simply read them in Salesforce.

Third, it increases control. Automated email capture creates a lot of data that can be used to monitor activity and prompt action. Users can see a list of inbound emails that have not yet been replied to. Or users can see a list of sent emails that customers have not answered. Reports can be created that track email activity by direction and timeframe or even measure email response times.

Fourth, it speeds response times. Email capture used in combination with templates can greatly increase standard email response times. Users can work through List Views of unanswered inbound emails and respond to them by simply clicking REPLY and choosing a pre-composed email template in plain text or HTML.

Match My Email Captures Every Inbound and Outbound Email in Salesforce From Every Source

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