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New and existing customers need a way to get old emails uploaded or logged to — automatically and in background. For the email log in SFDC to be 100% accurate, liable and trustworthy, old emails need to be synced or sorted to the right SFDC record(s) whether it is a Lead, Contact, Account, Person Account, Opportunity and/or Case. No other tool or service that synchronizes emails to Salesforce offers automated legacy email import for free as part of its subscription, out-of-the-box. Those that do have such a feature charge extra for it. Match My Email is proud to announce that it now offers legacy or past email integration for that can log 10,800 old emails per month to without exceeds SFDC daily API limits.

This new legacy import feature is possible due to a new technical improvement in the email import scheme. Previously, Match My Email could only accommodate users who wanted automated email integration in the cloud. Now Match My Email can offer the end user the option of automated or manual email integration. This improvements means that all ‘control’ preferences can be mapped and accommodated. Some users want the least possible interaction with their email integration tool; those users will pick the ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’ Selected folder options. Other users want total control over what gets logged to; they will pick the drag & drop option to an earmarked folder. Within one organization, different email import preferences can be accommodate at once so different users can control exactly how they want their individaul email integration to work.

free-syncingMatch My Email is constantly upgraded to provide world class email integration for  In the last year, based on customer demand, Match My Email has released dozens of new features, like legacy email importing, and included them for no extra charge in the base subscription.  These features include ‘multiple email address and object matching’, reprocessing of ‘early bird’ NO MATCH emails to find new MATCHES with new records, the elimination of the need for password synchronization or single sign-on tools using OAuth or Open Authentication, domain-wide IGNORE lists and OAUTH integration to Google Apps and Gmail.

Match My Email is the most advanced and flexible email syncing and logging tool on the market.  It is designed to accommodate the very wide variety of work flows employed by the community.  It reduces the burden of email syncing and logging for sales organizations that sell business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) on a direct one-to-one basis, one-to-many or through tiered distribution networks.

The best way to get a clear understanding of how Match My Email can work for you is to request a live demo by contacting Simone at info(a)

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  1. Aaron 5 February 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    600 emails per day? How long would it take to sync several gmail accounts with a total of about 50,000 legacy emails?

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