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World Class Email Integration Requires A Balance of Speed, Security, Accuracy, Deduplication and Customization

Email continues to be the dominant mode of customer communication. Automated email capture is a key ingredient of any productive Salesforce deployment. Cloud-based email integration can save an individual Salesforce user as much as 23 hours of data entry and retrieval time per month. Seamless email syncing and logging increases the transparency of any Salesforce deployment for sales management and sales operations.

Seamless Email Capture for Using Match My Email

But designing and implementing a world class email integration app for Salesforce requires years of technical expertise and involves sophisticated trade-offs. Fixing one aspect of the app like removing duplicate emails may cause another requirement to break like privacy filters. Match My Email recognizes eight technical layers that need to be finetuned and balanced for an email capture app to work effortlessly. Add to this technical complexity, the fact that the Salesforce platform is in constant flux – Classic to Lightning, Visualforce to Web Components, Notes and Attachments to Files — and maintaining an email integration app for Salesforce is a full-time challenge.

In 2019, Match My Email improved its security infrastructure by implementing API connections to the two leading email service providers: Office 365 and G Suite. The app now connects directly to the Microsoft and Google clouds directly through either a Global Admin or Super Admin, respectively.

Match My Email also implemented remote administration. Now the app can be installed and configured from a central control panel. Users can be activated or deactivated remotely by an admin with a single click. Users no longer have to be involved in the setup of the app; they can just use it.

Finally, Match My Email implemented parallel processing in 2019. The app can now process and sync emails for multiple users of an account simultaneously. Parallel processing increased the speed and cycle time on the app by up to 8x, enabling the app to handle accounts with thousands of users. More parallel processing improvements will be implemented in 2020 to take advantage of improvements in the Salesforce API.

Looking forward, to 2020, Match My Email expects to release a new email composer based on Salesforce’s new Lightning Web Components technology. The new email composer will incorporate lots of new features that will further enhance the productivity of the app.

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