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Match My Email Acts Like a Virtual Assistant Filing Emails Automatically Into

Salesforce Email Integration

Contrary to reports of its untimely demise, email just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The typical business user today is confronted with overwhelming volumes of emails landing in his or her INBOX. In response to this deluge of messages, tools are emerging to make sense out of email chaos and help users manage email workflow.

The Solution to Email Chaos and Overload – Match My Email for

Salesforce Email IntegrationFor users, Match My Email represents a highly attractive solution. Based on 24/7/365 cloud technology, Match My Email automatically sorts and files emails into Salesforce records based on email address matching – day and night, work or vacation, sickness and in health. With this automated Salesforce email integration app, users don’t have to look through their INBOXES to piece together an email conversation, they can just look inside to see the emails that have been sent back and forth with a particular Lead, Contact, Account, Person Account, Opportunity, Case or custom record type.

Match My Email is a ‘multiple email address and object matcher’ — that means that it puts emails into all the records that are relevant in Salesforce, not just a single Contact. With Match My Email, the user can see for each email in Salesforce which records it relates to at a glance in the Type:Matches column. This visualization of the social relationships inherent in the structure of the email header – TO:, FROM:, CC: and BCC: — makes customer or account management much easier. In a blink of the eye, a user can see who is corresponding with whom – and conversely, who has been overlooked or excluded from the email thread.

One of the most powerful and productive features of is record sharing amongst users based on Profiles, Roles and Hierarchies. Match My Email supercharges information sharing in by automatically logging emails from multiple users into the same shared record. With Match My Email, a user can see the email conversation between external prospects and customers and the entire sales team in a shared record – whether or not they are personally addressed in the email.

Finally, Match My Email is platform and device independent because it based on the open standard, IMAP. Match My Email works simultaneously with Windows, MacIntosh OSX and Linux computers, smartphones based on Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Mobile or Blackberry. Match My Email integrates seamlessly with all the major business email systems like Outlook, Exchange, MacMail, Thunderbird, Gmail, Rackspace, GoDaddy, Open-Xchange, Sendmail, Communigate Pro, Lotus and Google Apps.

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