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Using Salesforce Email Integration for Tag Matching

salesforce email integration, match my email

Email integration for Salesforce has been called the “missing piece of” and “the #1 pain point for Salesforce users”. Up until now, email integration focused on email address matching. Email address matching works well with certain SFDC record types, especially records based on identity like Leads and Contacts. But email address matching doesn’t work well with other record types, especially record types that are more like ‘things’ – Opportunities, Projects, Products, Campaigns or Assets. For example, one SFDC Contact can be linked to multiple Opportunities through Contact Roles. Using email address matching, the software would not know which Opportunity to put the email into based on its email address. So the app has to either put the email into a resolve screen until a human makes the matching decision or match the email to all the open Opportunities creating clutter.

Major Advance in Automated Salesforce Email Integration Released by Match My Email

salesforce email integrationTag matching, on the other hand, works very well for thing-based records type. Tag matching involves adding a custom field to the record that contains a unique tag specifically for that record. The custom field can be automatically populated at record creation based on a formula or manually inputted by the user. Match My Email has developed an email integration scripting language that can be programmed to find the unique tag in a Salesforce record, find the same tag in an email body and then precision match a copy of the email into the exact right record. Using APEX, tag matching took about 100 hours of custom programming. With the new Match My Email scripting language, it can be done in a fraction of the time – most jobs take less than three hours from definition to test.

Email tag matching is particularly useful for companies who sell through indirect channels. Firms that have distributors, agents or resellers with multiple open Opportunities can now track the emails related to a specific Opportunity automatically using tag matching. The tag is added by copy/paste to the body of an outbound email so it is matched to the Opportunity on the outbound. When the agent replies, the tag that is embedded into the reply thread of the email is precision matched back to the relevant open Opportunity. Precision matching to Opportunities using tags can give a sales team and/or manager a clear view of what is going on with an indirect Opportunity automatically, 24/7/365.

Tag matching can be used to bind internal and external emails to specific Projects, Products, Matters, Job Openings, Assets and Contracts – or any custom object.

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