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Using Email Syncing Technology to Monitor Email Response Times in Salesforce

Email is still the most common mode of business communication. Sales professionals send and receive dozens of emails each day from different devices – desktops, laptops and mobile phones. Organizations and users need a way to measure email response time in Salesforce because it is such an important part of customer engagement.

Email syncing apps like Match My Email add incoming and outgoing emails to Salesforce customer records automatically creating a “perfect log” of email data in Salesforce. This “perfect log” can be used to create records, dashboards and List Views that can track the time between the receipt of a customer email and the response by the sales rep (ResponseGap©).

Minding the Response Gap

This ResponseGap can be used by sales operations and management to establish and then monitor an email response time, or Key Performance Indicator (KPI). If the KPI states that every inbound email must get a reply within one business hour, then management (and the sales rep) can see KPI exemptions in a ResponseGap report, dashboard or List View and take action to correct the situation. Sales reps like ResponseGap List Views because the List Views flag missed emails and prompt immediate action to fix the problem. The great thing about using List Views is that once the action is taken, the item disappears automatically from the list.

Combined with Match My Email’s QuickReply feature, sales reps can reply to customers from the List View with a few clicks and a pre-approved “standard response email template” directly from Salesforce. QuickReply can decrease email response times from minutes to seconds. Standard response email templates are easy to create and can be customized prior to SEND.

Match My Email includes a Reports Package that incorporates the extra components and custom fields necessary to create a ResponseGap report, dashboard or List View in Salesforce. The Reports Package is free with a subscription to Match My Email. Match My Email support is available to help users implement ResponseGap reports.

Match My Email is a unique email integration app for Salesforce

The app is the only pure cloud app offered on the AppExchange. Match My Email does not rely on a sidebar in an email client like Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail or Thunderbird to work. Instead email syncing is done strictly in the Salesforce cloud so that error-free automation can be achieved. Match My Email AutoSync offers hassle-free email integration for Salesforce. It will not cause slowdowns and crashes in Outlook or Gmail caused by an add-on sidebar. Admins love Match My Email because they can setup users remotely and save the time of going desk to desk to install a plug-in. Updates and maintenance of the app is also done remotely from a centralized control panel. The other benefit of cloud technology is that Match My Email can be customized to accommodate custom records and workflows what we call CustomMatch. It includes another feature called PrecisionMatch that enables email syncing by more than just email addresses; the app can match emails to Salesforce records by words, numbers and tags.

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