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Tucson Salesforce User Group

The Salesforce Tucson User group will be hosting their next Virtual Meeting on Thursday, June 17th, at 4:30PM MST.

Salesforce Topics to be Covered

Somehow email integration app for Salesforce has become an elaborate matrix of options. Salesforce Admins can easily pour hours into researching the varying products in this competitive marketplace. On the one hand, the emphasis on email makes sense. Email communication is central to business activity, so it’s reasonable for there to be so many solutions aiming to deliver perfect email and CRM harmony. On the other hand, how complicated does it really need to be?

Sam Broda, VP of Sales and Marketing for Match My Email, will dive into the details concerning Salesforce email integration. Match My Email is a cloud integration app developed by RAE Internet, Inc.

“We called it Match My Email for the simple reason it’s what it does — 100% of the time. And now it can match your calendar events too.”

Check-In Time

The meeting begins at 4:30pm MST.

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