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Third Generation of Match My Email for Salesforce Has Been Released

Ardsley on Hudson, New York. September, 2019. Match My Email has released the third generation of its email integration app for Salesforce. The new release incorporates the latest advancements in cloud technology, especially improvements related to security, scalability, artificial intelligence and remote administration.

Match My Email 3.0 utilizes state-of-the-art API technologies from Salesforce, Google and Microsoft as the foundation of its Integration as a Service (“IaaS”) app. Match My Email now seamlessly connects to the Salesforce Cloud, G Suite Cloud and Office 365 Cloud from one unified platform. The app continues to support any IMAP compatible email solution.

New Release of Match My Email 3.0 Incorporates the Latest Cloud Technologies in terms of security, scalability, artificial intelligence and remote administration

API technology has advanced rapidly over the past three years. These new API technologies support password persistence and one-step user activation. Previously, user activation took two steps, i.e., the user account was created by the admin and then the user had to log into the app and enter username and password to authenticate the account. Now the app features one step activation. A Salesforce admin can activate a new user with a single click. One step activation has multiple ancillary benefits:

Security: The IaaS app no longer stores usernames and passwords on its server, just extra-long security strings. These security strings are encrypted in transport and during processing making them virtually un-hackable.

Password Persistence: Because the cloud to cloud connection is via security string, instead of username and password, password resets or change policies at the Salesforce or email server levels do not break the API connection.

Scalability: API sessions only open up for a limited number of seconds before they time out. For Salesforce the API is open for 110 seconds per user/account before timing out. That means that the IaaS app needs to get through the API and update the Salesforce platform as quickly as possible. Match My Email 3.0 incorporates technologies that reduce the number of API calls needed to update the Salesforce data base. The new version can process five users in parallel. Taken together, these scalability improvements increase app efficiency by a factor of up to 50x.

One step user activation: A Salesforce admin who is also a G Suite Super Admin or Office 365 Global Admin can activate new user remotely by moving a single toggle switch. User setup now takes seconds instead of minutes.

Remote user configuration and customization: Match My Email Global Admins can configurate data upload mode, page layouts, action buttons, permissions, custom syncing scripts (by numbers, words or tags), reports and ‘Ignores’ across organizations from a centralized control panel. Centralized configuration and setup greatly decrease the time it takes to get the IaaS app up and running.

To get the most out of Match My Email 3.0, Salesforce Admins should request that their organization also grant them Super Admin status in G Suite/Google/Gmail or Global Admin status in Office 365.

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