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Syncing Emails with Custom Email Address Fields in Salesforce

Customization is one of Salesforce’s strengths. The SFDC technology platform makes it easy to add custom fields to any standard or custom record type. Many organizations add custom email address fields to keep track of the multiple email identities of their customers. Custom email address fields provide a way to add personal email addresses and/or shared email accounts like to a Salesforce record.

However, once multiple email address fields have been added to a single Salesforce record, a new need arises. Users need to be able to match emails to multiple email identities for a single Contact or Lead; the ‘free’ tools from Salesforce can’t do this. Syncing emails from different email addresses is not supported by Salesforce’s manual plug-in.

Match My Email solves the custom email address field issue using its customization tool kit. The user’s account is programmed to see and sync to ‘secondary’ email addresses like Email2, Email3, Personal Email, Work Email, Spouse’s Email etc. The programming is done using Match My Email’s proprietary scripting language.

Syncing emails to custom email address fields pushes the degree of Salesforce automation. Match My Email’s goal is to push Salesforce email integration to the max to save time and make the Salesforce user experience as convenient as possible.

Match My Email is a cross platform app. It works with just about every email system on the market. To date, Match My Email has integrated 60+ email providers or on-premise email solutions with Salesforce. If you have a non-standard email solution or use Apple technology – whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacMail, Gmail on Mac or Outlook for Mac, Match My Email will solve your email syncing needs.

Use the scheduling tools on the home page to schedule a live demo or free trial of Match My Email. It will be one of the best investments your organization ever makes.

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