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Why is Syncing Emails to Salesforce Such a Pain for Outlook and Gmail users?

syncing salesforce email

Email is still the most important communications tool for most sales organizations. The average Salesforce user gets 120 emails per day. Typically, 40 of these emails need to be synced to Salesforce.

Salesforce provides some free email syncing tools – Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce for Gmail – and a paid plug-in called Salesforce IQ priced at $25 per user per month. But these tools are manual. They force a user to click a button each time an email needs to be moved to Salesforce, and they only work with a very limited range of email configurations like Outlook/Exchange, Outlook/Office365 and Gmail. Any Salesforce user with anything out of the ordinary like MacMail, Outlook for Mac or Rackspace is out of luck.

syncing salesforce email

Luckily, there is an app on the AppExchange that will take away the pain. It is a whole new way of looking at email integration for Salesforce. Match My Email is a cloud app, not a tool. It automates the email syncing and logging process and removes the burden of email syncing completely.

Match My Email was designed from inception to push automated email integration to the limit. The app takes over the task of adding emails to the right Salesforce records. It can match emails different ways – by email address, words in the subject line or custom tag. This flexibility makes Match My Email compatible will any workflow in Salesforce.

Match My Email works with any email system, type of computer, or mobile device at once. So no users are left behind.

Match My Email creates a ‘perfect’ log of all customer email correspondence in Salesforce. These data can be used to create amazing reports that track email activity by user, record type and/or timeframe.

Last but not least, it is the only email app for Salesforce that enables REPLY and FORWARD from inside a Salesforce record.

Match My Email costs $22.95 per user per month. This Apple compatible email integration app is well worth the price because it creates major labor savings. The app is estimated to save the average Salesforce user over 23 hours per month by automatically syncing and logging emails to

Match My Email offers free Live Demos and Installation Support if you email with a date and time.

Try Match My Email today.