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Sort My Email Automatically and Sync It To

It is not easy to automatically sort all the email in all of your Inboxes and Sent Item folders and sync them to the right record at once and in real time. Fully automatic email integration with requires the combination of seven different technologies to work efficiently. Match My Email has worked through these obstacles to effortlessly log or upload emails into, solving one practical issue after another.

logo-280Problem: My email syncing tool — Salesforce for Outlook — is only on when I am logged into my mailbox so my email log in is out-of-date.

Solution: Always On: Retrieve the email at the network or Internet level, in the cloud, just like, and use an industry standard to make it happen.

Problem: The shared email log in is not complete because a colleague is on vacation or sick or traveling and cannot logged into his or her email box.

Solution: Real Time: Check the email boxes and sent items of all users every few minutes for new inbound and outbound emails and sync them automatically and in background in the cloud.

Problem: I forget to push the “Post to” button in my email syncing tool or my colleague is too lazy or distracted to push the logging button, so the email log in is not complete and I have to jump back and forth between and Gmail to check the email thread before making a customer call.

Solution: Fully Automatic: Implement a fully automatic system in the cloud that retrieves all the emails and matches them to, requiring no user action or intervention.

Problem: My email integration tool only matches an email to a single object / record, so I can never be sure that I am seeing all the entire email thread when I am looking at a screen.

Solution: MultiMatch: Invent a matching technology that can match an email to all the relevant records or objects.

Problem: An email arrives before I have set up a Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Account or Case. So I have to remember to go back and sync it later. I usually forget.

Solution: Hold and Recheck [Reprocessing]: Hold all “No Match” emails in the cloud for 45 days and check every few minutes for new matches to new Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and Cases.

Problem: Different sales reps use different email systems or a single sales rep needs to simultaneously synch to multiple email systems.

Solution: Multiple Imports: Develop an import tool that can import from up to 5 email systems per user at once and an infinite number of different email systems inside a company.

Problem: People change their passwords and then the email integration tool stops working.

Solution: Set-Up & Forget: Implement an authentication layer in the email syncing cloud that can update passwords and security tokens automatically. Match My Email can currently authenicate to Google, Microsoft and Linux IMAP systems. authentication will come before the end of Q2 2012.

Problem: Customer uses more than one email address when communicating with his or her sales rep.

Solution: Secondary Address Matching: Create a link to the standard email address object and embed it in every screen.

Other Features of Match My Email

Problem: The other service does not work with Exchange 2003.
Solution: Match My Email works out of the box with Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Problem: The other service no longer works with Apple Mail because the client-side code has changed.
Solution: Match My Email works with Apple Mail out of the box.

Problem: My small business is pretty complex. We have more than one email domain and we want to integrate all of them into
Solution: Match My Email can integrate up to 10 email domain per account simultaneously at no extra cost.

Problem: I would like to see the email stream for my entire staff.
Solution: Make yourself a domain admin and you can see the email traffic – inbound and outbound, including attachments — of your entire staff in near real time.

Problem: I am the only person in my company who wants Match My Email at this time.
Solution: Single person accounts are as easy to set up as 100 person accounts. Actually easier.

Problem: I want some training.
Solution: User training is free with Match My Email.

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