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Sync Fasthosts’ Exchange Email with

Match My Email is a platform independent email syncing and logging service for It works at the Internet level like Gmail, Yahoo!, GoDaddy, Rackspace, GOTOMEETING, SKYPE, Dropbox and; just username and password. This cloud technology is different from other email integration tools and plug-ins because it is fully automatic, always on and creates a 100% complete email log inside of

Fasthosts EmailThis week, Match My Email successfully integrated Fasthosts Internet Ltd.’s Exchange Email and Exchange 2010 with Fasthosts is the leading web site hoster in the United Kingdom. With this integration, it joins of the ranks of GoDaddy, Rackspace, Network Solutions and 1&1, whose customers are using Match My Email on a real-time basis to seamlessly integrate their email with One advantage of Match My Email is that is requires no changes nor places an extra workload on Fasthosts’ email infrastructure.

Match My Email has been called the ultimate productivity tool. It is estimated to save up to 100 hours of manual drudery per year for the average user. Match My Email costs $17.95 per month per user and is featured on the AppExchange.

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