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Salesforce Email Integration Requires Mobility and Platform Independence

Mobility is redefining the work place. Today’s sales reps are always on the go and always connected. Mobility requires email integration in the cloud that is platform and device independent. Email needs to be synced and logged to from a multitude of devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads, eBook readers, laptops and desktops – in short from any device that can connect to the Internet.


“Salesforce for Outlook” or SFO is the email logging plug-in that provides to its subscribers. SFO only works on one platform – Windows — and only when the user is logged into Outlook and working inside his or her Inbox. It won’t work on Gmail, Mac, iPhone, Android or Linux. So when a sales rep is going into a meeting with an iPhone, iPad , Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry, he or she can see the client Contact in Salesforce using the SFDC mobile app, but he or she can never know if the email log is up-to-date. For the email log to be 100% complete with SFO, every member of the sales team, including the traveling sales rep, has to be using a Windows desktop or laptop working inside of Outlook at that moment manually logging email. That scenario is what is called a “null set”.


Match My Email, on the other hand, is device and platform independent because it is based on cloud technology and open standards. Using the openness of the cloud, an automated email integration system like Match My Email can work with any device or platform simultaneously – Windows, Outlook, Gmail, MacIntosh, iPhone, iPad, Android. Linux and/or Blackberry, all at once.

The benefit to the sales rep is certainty. He or she will know when looking at a SFDC record that it contains the complete email communications with the client and the sales team. In one blink, the sales rep will see what has been said and when. A complete chronological view of all emails is important because it gives the sales rep a sense of the intensity of the customer interaction. As the value of the information in increases, sales rep utilization of SFDC will also increase. Automated email integration will maximum the return on your investment.

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