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Automated Salesforce Email Integration Is The Only Way to Guarantee that All Emails are Logged

salesforce email integration

I Can’t Get My Sales Reps To Log Their Emails Into

My name is Paul Sterne. I give the Live Demos at Match My Email. Day after day, I hear the same comments:

  • “I can’t get the sales team to ADD their emails to Salesforce using the Outlook tool”.
  • “Though we try and try, there is no way to motivate the sales people to put their emails in Salesforce consistently. They just don’t remember to click the ADD TO SALESFORCE button.”
  • “An account executive was on vacation and none of her emails were logged into Salesforce for two weeks. It is hard to work with partial information.”
  • “As a sales manager, I need to see the email correspondence with our clients in Salesforce. With automated email integration, I can finally trust that the email data in Salesforce is complete and up-to-date.”

salesforce email integrationMatch My Email is the app on the AppExchange that specializes in automated email integration. Email integration is all that Match My Email does; it doesn’t sync contacts, tasks or calendar, just email. By focusing on email, RAE Internet has been able to build the best automated Salesforce email integration app, perhaps for any CRM solution.

Match My Email has always been user driven. The original specification was drawn up by Salesforce users at our parent company, RAE Internet Inc. The inside sales reps wanted a tool that would automatically put emails into Salesforce records – Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. They didn’t have the time nor the incentive to manually ADD emails to Salesforce. They also needed a platform independent solution because RAE Internet has users on Linux Firebird, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and MacMail.

The result was Match My Email MultiMatch. It is a fully automated solution that matches each email address in an email to every record in Salesforce that contains the same email address – directly or indirectly. MultiMatch matches emails to SFDC records whether the emails are inbound or outbound and the email addresses in TO:, FROM: CC: or BCC:. If an email does not match to a Salesforce record, then the user can create a new SFDC record from a NO MATCH email using the +MATCH command.

Match My Email also includes comprehensive de-duplication so that an email is only uploaded once to Salesforce even if it is addressed to multiple Contacts or imported from multiple Users. This eliminates clutter and reduces storage.

The most recent technical advance for Match My Email is custom tag matching. Certain Salesforce record types like Opportunities do not work well with email address matching based on Contact Roles. That is because one person may be working on multiple Opportunities at once. Then, with email address matching, a single email may be associated with multiple open Opportunities even though the email only relates to one of the open Opportunities. Such email clutter is annoying and requires manual clean up.

The solution is tag matching, creating and matching to a unique tag related to an open Opportunity. With tag matching, a unique tag – for example, mmeOpportunity_Name — is inserted in the body of an outgoing email and ‘precision’ matched back to the right Opportunity. When the customer replies, the tag is returned embedded in the email thread so the email is again ‘precision’ matched back to the one right Opportunity. Match My Email has invent an email integration scripting language that makes custom email address and/or tag matching easy and quick.

The best way to experience the power of Match My Email is to schedule a Live Demo followed by a 30-day free trial. Contact to schedule a live demo.

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