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Sales Productivity Increases by 15% with Automated Email Capture

Email integration is the #1 pain point for Salesforce users. Automated email capture in the cloud is the solution. It permanently solves the email syncing and logging problem and simultaneously drives Salesforce productivity and adoption. It also increases sales team efficiency and the quality of customer engagement.

Automated email capture increases sales team productivity at least six ways:

Productivity Category Hours Saved per User/Month
Eliminate Email Data Entry 5
Effortless Message Look-up 15
Shorten Email Response Times 1
New Contact Creation 1
Track Unanswered Emails 1
Make Fewer Mistakes Timeless
Total Hours Saved per Month 23

Match My Email Boosts Sales Team Collaboration and Prevents Mistakes

Eliminating Email Data Entry

Automated email capture eliminates the need to cut/paste or push a button to move an email to Salesforce. Time studies have shown that the average Salesforce user invests up to 5 hours per month doing manual data entry if he or she wants to ensure that every relevant email is synced to Salesforce. Selective, manual email integration apps highlight how only important emails make it to Salesforce and that users don’t have to leave Outlook or Gmail. In reality, the drag-and-drop method is a huge time sink that severely impacts Salesforce adoption and provides an incomplete email history in Salesforce. With Match My Email, emails are captured without a minute wasted and with 100% reliability. To highlight the hours being saved, MME includes a Dashboard that illustrates how many emails the app has processed in the past 30 days and estimates how much time the user has saved.

Accelerating Message Look-up

Before taking a customer-facing action – email, text, call or meeting – best practice is for a sales professional to review the latest customer engagement touch points. Typically, a sales rep will search his or her INBOX and SENT, check Salesforce to see if other users have logged emails, calls or meetings, check their recent phone list and voicemail and perhaps look at a text messaging app. Checking customer engagement data splintered across multiple apps, devices and screens is very time consuming. In addition, if the sales rep is part of a team, then she or he has to check in with teammates before getting the entire customer engagement picture. With automated email capture, the customer engagement process is fast and accurate. Users only have to visit the Contact record in Salesforce to see all customer correspondence in chronological order from every device, source and sales teammate. Time studies indicate that the average Salesforce user can save up to 15 hours per month by looking up emails in shared Salesforce records that have automated email capture activated.

Shorten Email Response Times

Once inbound and outbound emails are captured in the right shared Salesforce record(s), sales professionals can use the Match My Email composer to Send, Reply, Reply All and Forward rapid responses to customers. MME extends the standard SFDC email composer with added ease of use features to support faster email responses. Time studies have shown that the MME QuickReply feature saves the average Salesforce user 1 hour of time per month.

New Contact Creation

Match My Email includes an email hub in Salesforce that shows all inbound and outbound emails, marking each email with its sync status: Match, No Match or Ignore.

To create a new Contact, the app opens a NO MATCH email side-by-side with a new record creation tool. The user then drags and drops info from the email into tool and clicks SAVE. New Contact creation using this tool saves the average Salesforce user about one hour of time per month.

Track Unanswered Emails

Match My Email includes a Reports Package that includes pre-packaged user and customer activity reports. One very useful report is the Unanswered Emails dashboard that shows all inbound emails that the Lead or Contact owner has not replied to. The report is dynamic so as the emails are answered their disappear from the list. Having a convenient way to track unanswered emails can save a Salesforce user about one hour of time per month.

In total, automated email integration can save a Salesforce user about 22 hours of time per month or increase productivity by 15%.

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