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Match My Email Releases Update Credentials Wizard That Works with new Gmail/Google Apps Security Technology

One of the design goals of Match My Email is to get as close to “setup and forget” as possible. Match My Email is designed to fully automate the process of syncing emails to Salesforce and make administration of the app as effortless as possible. One technology that the app incorporates is Open Authentication or “Oauth” for security and password sync. Match My Email authenticates to Salesforce using Oauth so users never have to update their SFDC passwords in the ISVForce app.


The Upside and Downside of Google’s Adoption of OAuth

Gmail/Google Apps announced last year that it would no longer provide persistent connectivity between its email cloud and third party apps like Match My Email via the IMAP standard. In 2009, Google had adopted OAuth because it is very convenient to use. Once an OAuth connection had been established between the third app and the Gmail cloud, access to the Gmail cloud persisted even if the user’s password was changed. This technology was great for administrators because it eliminated the burden of having to deal with password resets.

The downside of this great technology was that if the user lost his or her smartphone and someone was able to open the smartphone, the unauthorized user could gain uninterrupted access to the user’s email account. The only solution was to close the email account and create a new one – which is a huge inconvenience.

New Release of “Set up and Forget” Email Integration App for Salesforce

Although Gmail continues to use OAuth so that access to its cloud is regulated by credentials under its control, not the control of the third party app, now if the user changes his or her password the IMAP persistence is broken and the user must update the third party app with the new password. To make this password reset process as easy as possible, Match My Email has added an “Update Credentials” wizard. When a user changes their Gmail password they get an email with a link to the Update Credentials wizard. At login to the Match My Email app, the wizard is launched and figure outs which credential needs updating. Then it walks the user through the steps needed to update his or her password.

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