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Privacy Controls within a Salesforce Automatic Email Integration App

An email syncing tool that could read your mind and know intuitively which emails should be uploaded to and which emails should be blocked or filtered would be the perfect situation. But unfortunately computers can’t read your mind. Therefore, a cloud application needs to give the end-user the tools to manage the email stream so that privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded. We have built a rich array of privacy controls into Match My Email in response to customer requirements.

  1. privacy-controls-salesforceDrag & Drop Total Control Folders – Executives can create a special folder and only emails that are dragged and dropped into that folder will be synced to Salesforce. In other words, executives don’t need to use the system in automated mode. They can have total control over the emails they want synced to Salesforce. And they can sync an email to Salesforce at any time regardless of its date stamp and it will be inserted into the Salesforce record in chronological order.
  2. Domain and Personal Ignore – The MME cloud offers a black listing function called Ignore at the personal and domain level to make sure that an email address marked as private (for example, ) can’t ever make it into Salesforce. The Domain Admin can set these private email addresses at the domain level and they cannot be overwritten by end users.
  3. Delete and Recall Command – Emails can be deleted from the Match My Email cloud and recalled from Salesforce for 45 days. Or Deleted from inside of Salesforce at any time using the Delete and Bulk Delete buttons with SFDC Enterprise Edition and above.
  4. Roles – Users can be given roles in MME that block them from seeing the emails of any other user.
  5. Salesforce Sharing, Entitlements, Validation Rules and Limitations – All emails uploaded by Match My Email to Salesforce comply with Salesforce sharing, entitlements (READ, WRITE, DELETE), validation rules (for example, blocking all emails containing the CEO’s email address from uploading to Salesforce) and Limitations (like access only during working hours).

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