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PractiFI Discovers the Beauty of Pairing Match My Email and GoogleApps

Match My Email’s mission to provide the best email integration for Last week, Match My Email got a major recommendation from new Salesforce app called PractiFI.

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, PractiFI is a leading edge practice management and relationship management solution for financial advisers. Based on input from industry leaders, PractiFI was designed to address the CRM needs of the financial service professional and his or her advisory practice. Its intuitive and modern user interface increases CRM productivity and usage. Its open architecture makes access from any device possible. The app can import and export data effortless so creating reports and spreadsheets are easy. Its API enables integration with in‑house or third‑party systems — like Match My Email, while OAuth2 makes connecting to other cloud apps a cinch.

PractiFI chose Match My Email as their OEM email integration partner because

MatchMyEmail does email in Salesforce for a living – really, really well – so we’d have been foolish not to take advantage of their expertise.

practifi-logoIn an article entitled, PractiFI, Google Apps and MatchMyEmail: a polygamous marriage in the cloud, the combinative power of SalesForce comes to fruition with three equally robust apps. Each of these apps relies on their strength to provide the user with the best possible solution in the cloud; financial advisory workflow based on Salesforce, email integration from Match My Email, and document management using Google Apps.

Match My Email is considered the most advanced email integration app for It is the only fully automated email syncing and logging app that can match emails to multiple records in Salesforce based on either email address matching or custom tag matching or a combination of the two techniques. Match My Email uses email address matching to file and sort emails into ‘identity’-based record types in Salesforce like Leads, Contacts and Accounts, but custom tag matching to attach emails to ‘things’ like Opportunities, Cases, Projects, Contracts, Campaigns, Job Openings, Lawsuits etc. Custom tag matching also makes automated email integration possible in indirect sales processes where there is one-to-many relationship to open Opportunities.

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