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Why Won’t Match My Email Package Install Within

Installed Package Limits may be the reason; you may need to upgrade Editions. limits the number of third party and “packages”or applications that can be used with its cloud service. The package or AppExchange limits are based on Editions.

Edition Price per Month # of Apps
Contact Manager $5 0
Group $20 1
Professional $65 5
Enterprise $125 10
Unlimited $250 No limit

Contact Manager does not allow the user to use an external application from the AppExchange with Group Edition users encounter these limits quite often, because the Group Edition only permits the installation of one app or third-party package. The Professional Edition may install 5 apps or packages; the Enterprise Edition may install 10 packages or AppExchange apps. If a Group Edition user has downloaded just one application from the AppExchange, they run into hard limits and must upgrade to the more expensive Professional Edition. Interestingly, it is easy to upgrade a account, but very difficult to downgrade.

Most often Match My Email support encounters the package or application limit during setups for Group Edition users. To check the numbers of applications installed follow these steps (click images to maximize):

1. To “Setup” in the User Profile dropbox.
Match My Email Setup Profile

2. Click on Installed Packages (left sidebar).
Match My Email App Setup

3. View Installed Packages.
Match My Email Installed Packages

If you any questions about the resources – Data Storage, File Storage, API Calls, # of Packages Installed –that allocates to the various Editions, please contact Match My Email at

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