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Do I need to leave to work my customer email communications?

Problem: users are more productive if they never leave Jumping back and forward between your email account and is inefficient and frustrating. Unfortunately, does not provide the tools to tightly integrate your email account with your account. Instead, they provide manual, labor intensive tools that force you to work in both accounts, instead giving you a way to stay in and work on your client email communications from inside

Solution: Match My Email solves this shortcoming by integrating e-mail with in the cloud, fully automatically and with no user intervention. MatchMyEmail imports new e mails and their attachments — incoming and outgoing, inbound and outbound, sent and receive — into a temproary ‘quarantine’ cloud. This is done so that no junk emails, personal emails, confidential emails or spam/virus ever get into In the Match My Email cloud, the email addresses are checked for matching “email address fields” in If a match is found, the email is converted from “NO MATCH” to “MATCH” and uploaded to into the right object, whether it is a Lead, Contact, Person Account, Opportunity, Account and/or Case. Match My Email matches an email to all the relevant “email address fields” in, usually a unique technology called MultiMatch. With MultiMatch the end-user can be sure every email is logged in every relevant object in so there is no FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt].

All emails — coming and going, inbound and outbound, sent and receive — are stored in inside a log called Email Messages. There the end-user can click on the email and read it. As well as open and see the attachments.

To respond to an email, all the end-user has to do is click on the Email Address Field in the object. That will open and create a new email inside of the end-user’s email client. By clicking Send, with the default bcc: setting on, the end-user closes the loop. The mail is captured by the email system and synchronized to so the email log is 100% complete or canonical. Canonical means one version of the truth.

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