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Multiple Email Addresses Matched in a Single Contact

Match My Email delivers what users have been asking for years, a way to log emails to secondary email addresses in a single Contact or Person Account.

Tarrytown, New York, April 3, 2011. Match My Email has released a new module of its cloud application that supports email logging to multiple or secondary email addresses in a single Contact or Person Account. This capability has been lacking in all other Salesforce email integration tools. As long ago as 2007, users have been asking for this capability on the IdeaExchange. Roughly 40% of all users trialing Match My Email have asked for this functionality.

Match My Email (“MME”) was launched in January 2011 as the first ‘no software’ solution to email integration for MME works with any email server, service or solution and imports the email stream every 20 minutes. Then it matches the email to in the cloud. Matched email is then automatically logged in the right object.

During their free trials, 40% of the companies testing MME asked if the system could automatically log email to multiple email addresses in a single Contact (or Person Account for the B2C users). MME’s engineers completed this feature enhancement in less than three weeks and it is now available to all MME customers.

Match My Email was designed with the goal of letting the sales rep work entirely within and not have to worry about logging email into Salesforce. All email matching and logging chores are delegated to Match My Email in the cloud, putting puts customer communications and information in one convenient place. There is no more jumping back and forth between your email Inbox and Salesforce. The entire email stream and all its threads are logged in automatically.

For sales executives, MME offers Hands-On mode which features a Message Viewer. The Message Viewer can be embedded in as a web tab. In the Message Viewer, the sales manager can see the email stream of his or her entire staff in near real time. In the Message Detail Panel, the sales manager can open the email and read its body and attachments.

About RAE Internet
RAE Internet, Inc. is headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y. with operations in Romania and the Ukraine. RAE Internet is the developer of Email Stream Management, the proprietary technology underlying its Linux-based Mailspect Platform and Match My Email integration application. RAE Internet offers three products: Mailspect Defense that offers end-to-end security for Linux email servers; Mailspect Archive that archives the e-mail stream in compliance with regulations; and Match My Email that integrates e-mail and its attachments with core business applications like RAE Internet is also the North American distributor of F-PROT Antivirus ‘Fire & Ice’ and a reseller of Cloudmark for Exchange.
Contact Info: Paul Sterne, president , sterne ( a )

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