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MME Provides Seamless Transition For Ex-IHance Customers

In mid June the company Xant expressed their intention to disable the widely used app iHance Absolute Automation by the end of the month. For the existing client base, this meant the hypothetical loss of emails dating back years in Salesforce, as well as the end of a service many companies relied upon for email integration to Salesforce. As one ex-iHance customer put it, “This unexpected end-of-life to iHance has been a nightmare.” Another ex-iHance client received an email from her boss on June 10th that read “FIRE DRILL, please call.”

As one of the original email integration apps that Match My Email has competed against, iHance was no stranger to the MME team. Upon learning about iHance’s pending termination, the MME team set out to fill the void. This week, MME is set to run its first full conversion of impermanent iHance data to permanent MME data. With the completion of the migration, MME’s clients can rest assured that their historic email data will live in Salesforce for as long as they’d like. Coupled with offering ex-iHance clients a means to retain their email data, MME has proven to be a fluid option to replacing the day-to-day email syncing that iHance clients adapted to. One ex-iHance client had this to say about MME in a review on the Salesforce AppExchange:

“We used iHance for over 10 years and didn’t know where to turn to when that product was discontinued. Thankfully we found MME as a replacement and it’s even better with many more features and much improved flexibility over our previous system.”

While the news of iHance’s termination came as a shock to many, the discovery of Match My Email turned out to be saving grace.

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Match My Email has been an industry leader on the Salesforce AppExchange for over 10 years and is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. Providing a cloud-based email solution for Salesforce users, the app’s focus has been providing fast and responsive Salesforce email integration services to all its clients. Match My Email has its Headquarters in Ardsley-on-Hudson, New York, with support centers across North America and Europe.

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