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Syncing Email Between Microsoft Office 365 Live And

Suddenly Match My Email is witnessing a surge of Microsoft Office 365 Live set ups.  It appears that Microsoft’s cloud offerings are finally taking off.

Previously, most of our set ups were for customers using Gmail, Google Apps, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Fasthosts, Yahoo!, and Lotus. Because Match My Email works with virtually every email service in the cloud, our sweet spot has been connecting inexpensive email and webmail services used by single office/home office (SOHO) and small businesses to, something no other company can do — not even itself. In fact, the typical Match My Email customer has a one to three seat account and uses the Group Edition.

Microsoft Office 365 LiveOther companies focus on software plug-ins to Outlook or Gmail which offer manual or semi-automatic tools for transferring email to But these email integration tools are buggy, prone to crash/freeze and require constant updating. Beware of offerings like VCS Smart Email and CCRM that are ‘free’ but don’t offer the features that a user really needs and have bad support.

Hosted Exchange users want to sync and log emails between Office 365 Live and With Match My Email, they have found the right solution for email integration to Match My Email offers fully automatic email syncing to All emails in and out are sorted and uploaded to the right file object, i.e., Lead, Contact, Person Account, Account, Opportunity or Case. Since Match My Email works in the cloud, email syncing is 24/7/365. Email matching and uploading takes place whether or not the user is logged into his or her email account.

Match My Email works with any device — smartphone, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Google Android Motorola Razor, Nokia Symbian, MacBook, PC, laptop or iPad — so it is perfect for companies with users who use a vary of different mobile and desktop brands. Match My Email works with any browser:  Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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