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Match My Email Opens Branch in New Zealand to Serve the Asia/Pacific Region

Match My Email New Zealand

Match My Email’s parent company has founded a wholly owned subsidiary in New Zealand. The subsidiary, RAE Internet Ltd., currently is hiring development and support staff. Two employees have already be recruited to customization the Match My Email app for Asia/Pacific workflows and support customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and India.

Match My Email New Zealand

Match My Email specializes in automated email integration for Match My Email is a new way of thinking about email integration for Salesforce. Other apps bring Salesforce data in Outlook and Gmail; these apps deflect users from Salesforce and focus their attention on the groupware app. Match My Email brings email information into Salesforce automatically so that Salesforce users can share email information and work on email inside of Salesforce.

Match My Email eliminates the jumping back and forth between email and Salesforce. Emails are all visible in Salesforce through a web tab and matched automatically to relevant SFDC records.

Match My Email solves the major the shortcoming of Salesforce email integration. It matches emails to multiple Contacts simultaneously, yet de-duplicates emails in Salesforce to eliminate clutter.

Match My Email includes tools that enable a SFDC user to Reply, Reply All and Forward emails from inside of Salesforce.

Match My Email includes customization tools that make it easy to automatically match emails to custom records, objects, fields and filters.

The app features proprietary Opportunity matching techniques. Opportunities can be matched based on email address, a Parent-Child relationship with another record(s) or tags. Tag matching can be based on words, numbers or alphanumeric combinations.

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