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Match My Email offers more granular email privacy settings than Salesforce INBOX

Salesforce INBOX uploads emails as ‘Email Message’ objects to Past Activity in Lightning and Activity History in Classic. The SFDC ‘Email Message’ object is proprietary and locked down so its behavior is controlled by Salesforce. The email privacy settings for Email Messages are limited. ‘Email Messages’ privacy setting work at the RECORD level. That means that Salesforce users who share records can always see each other emails. The only way to stop another Salesforce INBOX user from seeing your emails is to deny them access to a shared RECORD.

Better Email Privacy Settings in Salesforce

Match My Email regulates Email Privacy at a more granular level. The MME email CUSTOM OBJECT appears as a SECTION in the PAGE LAYOUT. Within this CUSTOM OBJECT, Match My Email users ‘share’ or ‘not share’ their email data in the SECTION dedicated to emails, not based on the permissions of the overall RECORD.

Email privacy settings are assigned by the Salesforce Admin by creating different user profiles. For example, a sales manager has permission to see his or her emails in a shared record as well as the emails of the people who report to him or her. But the people that report to the sales manager are blocked from seeing the manager’s emails.

Multi-layered privacy settings can be tricky to think through and to implement. Match My Email Support provides free assistance via GoToMeeting to subscribers who are configuring their privacy profiles and settings.

Need help with Privacy Settings related to emails in Salesforce?

Match My Email specializes in custom email integration for Salesforce. The Match My Email custom object can be programmed to match to any record type, based on different matching rules like words in the subject line or body tags and incorporating multi-layered privacy settings. Please contact Match My Email Support at if you have any questions or concerns.

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